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The Secret Sauce of Experience

Full Steam Consulting Ltd was officially renamed as Consumer Fluent Group Ltd in 2020, having used “Consumer Fluent” as its trademarked trading name for a few years. When we refer to Consumer Fluent below, we are referring to both Full Steam Consulting and Consumer Fluent projects which emanate from the same legal entity.
Ruth’s Client-Side Career 1989-2013

Superior Group (buyer, import trader)
Retail Solutions (shopper researcher)
Matthew Clarke Gaymer (brand manager)
Burtons Biscuits (group brand manager)
Wella (P&G) (category marketing manager)
Mattel UK & Fisher Price
(girls group marketing manager)
(Fisher Price marketing business unit leader)
(head of research & insight; thought leadership)

Consumer Fluent’s Projects 2013-present

TRU – Meccano – Disney – Beiersdorf – Plum – Products – Leapfrog – Costa Coffee – FST – Fundamentally Children – DHX – Cartamundi – Warner Bros (Turner) – Ajinomoto – Diageo – Freixenet – Idahoan – English Provender – Geary’s – Unilever – 1HQ – Bridgethorne – Candyspace – Unilever – Spinmaster – Kidz Global – Entertainment One – Playmonster – Anthem – Spotify – Ravensburger


Consumer Fluent is an independent research agency and brand consultancy with its own directly contracted clients. It employs associates and sub-contractors for projects based in the UK or internationally. It also occasionally works / has worked as associate consultant, for other companies, most typically with creative design or digital agencies or other brand consultancies (e.g. Candyspace, 1HQ, FST, Fundamentally Children). These are marked ‘AC’ below.


Consumer Fluent is occasionally contracted as principal consultant, to both win a project proposal, to manage the client relationship, conduct the research and deliver strategic recommendations on behalf of another consultancy (e.g. Bridgethorne). This way of working enabled Bridgethorne to double their research business.  This distinction is detailed below, labelled ‘PC’.


Because Consumer Fluent is experimental in adapting techniques, pioneering hybrid approaches, we carry the risks of trial and error on our shoulders. We no longer work as principal consultants for other research agencies or consultancies using those uniquely hybrid techniques. We do still partner as associate consultants on projects which require standard, mainstream research methodologies.

Pragmatic, thoughtful, solutions focus

If research reveals a few unpalatable truths in its findings, Ruth is diplomatic but frank with stakeholders. She has been in marketing long enough and knows the commercial realities her clients face well enough, to know she should always be ready with SMART, actionable solutions.

We do not want to add to the pile of research reports already sitting in an archive somewhere, just for the sake of doing a research project. We are happy to review and squeeze insights from the data and research you already hold and then, only if there are any significant knowledge gaps, will we propose any new sources of consumer insight. Depending on the business challenge, the solution could just as likely be found in an off-the-shelf subscription to another agency’s trend tracker or desk research as it is to be a bespoke piece of research carried out by us.

I loved working with Ruth. I hope we can work together again soon. Marketing Manager Food AC Client

When I asked for a bit of research, I didn’t realise it would be so thorough and comprehensive or that the findings would be so well thought through in terms of what the implications are for our business. Toy Client

They exceeded our expectations of any agency we’ve worked with before and I think that’s probably down to the origins of the founder. You can tell that she has definitely been faced with the same kinds of brand choices which we face now. Toy Client

I was convinced that the problem our IP faced was down to kids not liking the product, despite strong viewing figures.  Ruth persuaded me to include the gatekeeper – mums – in our research and simulated the retail fixture, to see how decisions are made, what impressions they have when they first see our brand.  I’m so glad she intuitively knew it was a shopper issue not a kid consumer one VP Entertainment Corp

Not afraid to experiment and innovate to problem solve.  Ex Colleague, Marketing Manager, Mattel

Ruth is a great communicator. She takes complex data, brings it alive and tells the story, what it means for youEx Colleague, Marketing Manager, Mattel

Nicola has such a lovely way with kids. Neither of the researchers had to ‘go over old ground’ to bring their knowledge up to scratch. They’re fully immersed in the dynamics of the toy market and a good partnership.
 Toy Client about our brilliant associate, Nicola

I am impressed with the network of partners they have around the world, so that when we say – we need these, these and those countries – 9 out of 10 times it’s not an issue. Add to that the fact that Ruth speaks several languages and it just makes the whole thing work.  AC Research Agency Director


2013 Consumer Fluent officially opens to trade 29th April
2013 AC – Beiersdorf AG & UK Ltd on Nivea Sun – Triniti Marketing Ltd
2013 AC – M&S – Data synthesis – Triniti Marketing Ltd
2013 Meccano Toys (UK) Ltd – Kids research & brand strategy
2013 Walt Disney Company Ltd – Shopper behaviour & retail strategy
2014 Plum Products Ltd – Product test, brand positioning, packaging, brand strategy, marketing mentor, PR, comms & creative development
2014 Leapfrog – Ad test & brand communications insight
2014 Cartamundi – App plus card game user testing, Monopoly Cards
2015/2016 Global Insight Director, Costa Coffee (Whitbread, 18 months interim), International trend tracker, co-creative innovation & taste testing, menu & store test (UAE, Poland, Spain, Middle East, SE Asia, UK, Europe)
2015/2016 FST – various insight projects plus training: business and brand development and fact-based selling techniques
2015/2016 AC – Fundamentally Children – research collaborations for DHX Media (Shoppers), McDonald’s App testing (Kid Users)
2013-2016 Toys R Us, Babies R Us – Shopper research & retail consultant

2014-2019 Turner Broadcasting (now Warner Media)

· Kids research, license all category, consumer sizzle production & data synthesis, Ben 10
· Kids research, license clothing, Amazing World of Gumball
· Kids & shopper research, with Spinmaster, license all category & retail strategy, Power Puff Girls
· Kids & parent research, with Candyspace, digital user testing & prototype UX for Toonix media platform in Beta, conducted with 3-11 year olds, Nordics & UK

2016-2017 PC – Head of Research – introduced in-house quantitative survey capability, Tobii eye tracking techniques and System 1 interview layering techniques to enhance Bridgethorne’s nascent research service & doubled turnover by growing the client base.

· Ajinomoto – project winner & client lead; brand development; market proposition; BTM, retail & channel strategy; category shopper research & product testing; quantitative study.
· Idahoan – project winner & client lead; product concept testing.
· Diageo – project & client winner, client lead; off & on license trade shopper research; POP & category research; Tobii eye tracking used in both channels.
· Beiersdorf – project winner & client lead; shopper & category research; co-creative; POP & communications strategy; Tobii eye tracking used in Boots & Superdrug stores.
· Freixenet – project winner & client lead; shopper & category research.
· Plus: Yowie, Vicks, Jakemans, Johnson & Johnson, Merial, English Provender, Friesland Campina and Greggs.

2017/18 AC – Geary’s – expansion strategy; research & brand consultancy with 1HQ

2018/19 AC – Unilever – concept testing; research & brand consultancy with 1HQ
2018/19 Business Development Consultant, Kidz Global – designed, scripted, coded, launched, developed portal and reports, published trend trackers in 13 countries worldwide.
2019 Entertainment One – Kids research & IP content consultancy – Ricky Zoom content testing in USA and UK; Face Reader expression coding software used in quantitative study, plus expert ‘human’ behavioural observation of 3-5 year olds
2019 Anthem Publishing – Kids & parent research – no/no-go product evaluation, 3-4 year olds
2019/2020 Playmonster (formerly Interplay) – Kids & shopper research – brand design optimisation, proposition & IP development X 5 projects, 3 unique brands, incl. UK & US (5-9 year old kids)
2020 Ravensburger – Kids & shopper research, target audience segmentation, brand and asset design optimisation, concept testing and path to purchase research, user testing, remote user interviews, simulated asset tests
2019/2020 Spotify – Kids UX testing prototype and Beta for Spotify Kids, 4-7 year olds
Current live client projects, 2021, are not listed and details are not provided where the research & strategy recommendations are not yet apparent in the public domain.
Some 2020 projects do not mention brands specifically involved as the recommendations are not yet apparent in the public domain.