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Waitrose drops the plastic

Grocery multiples are trialling different models to reduce plastic packaging across various categories around their stores.  What is most notable about these trials is that, unless FMCG brands innovate within their category, they risk being eclipsed by unbranded goods, the package free, print free, plastic free alternatives made available by retailers.  It’s in this future…
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Plastic Free Toy Packaging

REDUCE.  RECYCLE. REUSE. How can industries and economies reconcile the need to reduce their environmental impact with the compulsion to grow sales, all whilst meeting the expectations of stakeholders?  It’s a dilemma which no industries, including toys, can shy away from. No challenge could be bigger than addressing the scale of plastic waste polluting land…
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Family food habits

There are typically 10 hours between the first meal kids have at home and the last one, from breakfast until dinner… Leaving kids filling up with anything in between that school provides them with, their packed lunch, or the food they buy on route to and from school. A study by Consumer Fluent found that…
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The wish-list opportunity

Online retail has failed to capture the wish-list opportunity. It’s an ideal means to close the loop from a child wanting a toy to communicating that ‘want’ in to an accurate request for their parent, however, kids are showing their parents what they want on websites, but not searching independently or using online shopping baskets…
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Digital portrait of nations

Not all brands can bring to market apps or video games with which to reach their target consumer. The majority of hours spent by core toy consumers, 3-8 years old, is still, regardless of the wider world of media, on watching content – cartoons, shows, comedies, movies. The main multi-tasking activity, whilst watching TV, for…
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Attention grabbing advertising

53% of pre-teen kids skip TV ads as soon as they appear on screen. YouTube has exacerbated the trend in the UK with 60% of kids skipping ads (68% have access to YouTube). Even preschool kids now know how to skip the ads as they burn through their favourite entertainment, thanks to YouTube.   Return…
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