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Planning ahead for the new “normal”

Many researchers, myself included, have turned down projects which involve in person interviewing, ahead of this week’s UK government guidelines on social distancing.  It’s a very fast-moving situation and even as I write this it will change again. A few days ago I returned from Chicago having conducted the last in person research groups I’ll be…
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Millennials are in charge of the next generation of kids.

By the time Millennials start a family, most will have never had an Argos catalogue in their own home.

Polish that pitch!

The first internet encounter for toys is with parents. Unless we test brands and products with parents, how can anyone know …

2020 Vision : 12 insights for Christmas

We’ve compiled 12 insights from the research conducted by Consumer Fluent in 2019.

It’s never too late for back up

It’s not too late to boost your pitch to the trade with some real-time insights to increase their confidence in your range.

Why did Mothercare UK fail?

Learning from Mothercare. few retailers will succeed if they operate the brand in channel silos.

Sharing the cost of R&D

Know your shoppers as well as your consumers? Licensors look to licensees to provide reliably sourced shopper insights.

Family food habits

Tweens and teens are constantly finding ways to fuel and graze in the hours in between meals.

Digital portrait of nations

Read the latest issue of The Kid Consumer Report for insights in to digital kids trends in 11 countries

Attention grabbing advertising

To drive ROI, it’s essential that ads grab kids’ attention in those split seconds before kids skip the ads.