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2020 Vision : 12 insights for Christmas

FOOD: ‘HANGRY’ KIDS On average there are 12 hours between a teenager’s first and last meal eaten at home.  One in five teenagers, aged 12-14, eat their dinner after 7pm, 46% of them having eaten their breakfast and left home for school before 8am.  There’s a 10-hour-gap for younger children too.  Kids fill up with…
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Digital portrait of nations

Given how advanced online shopping is in the UK, which flourished faster and earlier than any other market, I always thought that UK kids would be the heaviest users of online digital in media, … that is, until I read the latest issue of The Kid Consumer Report.

Attention grabbing advertising

To drive ROI, it’s essential that ads grab kids’ attention in those split seconds before kids reach for the remote or swipe to skip the ads.