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It’s never too late for back up

It’s not too late to boost your pitch to the trade with some real-time insights to increase confidence, distribution and forecasts ready for the next peak season.

Why did Mothercare UK fail?

Whilst internet competition was partly responsible for Mothercare UK’s misfortunes, few retailers will succeed if they manage their customer proposition in silos, each retail channel dealt with within a bubble.

Sharing the cost of R&D

Know your shoppers as well as you know your consumers.
Licensors look to licensees to provide reliably sourced and evidenced insight to support their ideas.

Plastic Free Toy Packaging

How can we reconcile the need to reduce their environmental impact with the compulsion to grow sales?  It’s a dilemma which no industry can shy away from.

The wish-list opportunity

No parent wants to buy something which, it turns out, their child doesn’t want. Only 13% of UK kids use an online wish-list, despite a push to direct traffic to online wish-list tools.