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It’s never too late for back up

It’s never too late for back up

Act NOW to validate your ideas

Just because Christmas is only a few days away, and the peak shopping season is in full swing, just because immediately after Christmas you’re heading to Hong Kong or preparing January’s trade shows (London Toy Fair, Nuremberg)… it’s not too late to boost your pitch to the trade with some real-time seasonal insights. 

Insights which will help you to increase confidence, deepen distribution and raise forecasts for brands and key products within the range, ready for the next peak season to come along.

FOR CONFIDENCE: Want to know how well a new product concept will be received by kid consumers or parent shoppers but haven’t had time to test it yet?  By now you probably have prototypes which are suitable to use in consumer research. 

  • Instruct us now, and we can use them, and any other stimulus materials, and return them intact and in time for your trade shows.

FOR SALES: Want your trade partners to believe in what you believe in? 

  • We’ll provide verbatims, Vox pops, and research analysis to support your proposition with compelling evidence. 
  • Provide us with any data which you already hold internally (from market share to sell through & marketing effectiveness data) and we’ll source additional contextual insights and trend reports, conduct research in field, analyse, summarise and visualise those key selling points into your own presentation template, ready to go for the trade.

FOR MARKETING: Want to know how to communicate a brand or product’s key benefits to the consumer?  It’s not too late to develop your communication strategy based on localised consumer insight, and to refine the key messages which you need to get across in consumer language, long or short copy, and in the right order of priority according to consumer needs. 

  • Brief us as soon as you can and we will provide a copy and content guidebook to use across all communications, print and broadcast media, digital or catalogue page designs and predicted search terms.

Even after Christmas, it’s not too late to gather more evidence and insights to support your range.  Research immediately post-Christmas can work wonders for your pitch for the following reasons…

If you test new products immediately after Christmas kids are not obsessing any more (as they were before Christmas) about what they had and were hoping for on their wish lists. 

  • They are ready to move on and turn their attention to new ideas. 
  • They have recent user experiences of new products which enhance the way in which they will critique the new products which we present to them on your behalf. 
  • Their appetite for new things is never assuaged.

Parents are similarly more acutely aware of what constitutes a good purchase, a lasting user experience for their child, immediately after Christmas. 

  • They can readily recall the purchase decision processes which they’ve recently undertaken, including any non-request related purchases they made, using their own separate criteria to make those decisions. 
  • They can name more accurately the influences which cropped up along their path to purchase, the touchpoints where they occurred, the search terms they used and refer these back to their actual behaviour.

Whether you think a qualitative or a quantitative approach suits you better, let us know.  As Scrooge would say:

It’s not too late to learn from a Christmas just past to make better plans for a Christmas in the future.

Well, OK, I paraphrased it a bit!