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The articles posted here are original content written by Consumer Fluent. 

We had hoped to curate and promote content from multiple sources, subject matter experts and authors in one central location for people to read and to save time.   We read a large amount of published content on a daily basis and appreciate the need to accredit the original author.  Some authors have raised objections and as a result we have decided not to continue to provide this content curation service on site.  We are a small independent business and we do not wish to fall short of each original author’s requirements for accreditation.  We have added a list of useful sources and PEST data below.

Money Saving Experts

A fall in income will shape shopper behaviour in toys, nursery and other family goods categories for years, to come.

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Is a Baby Boom on the way?

It’s the “rate of conception”, i.e. pregnancy which tells the true story. It doesn’t point to the Baby Boom media are promising.

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Planning ahead for the new “normal”

“Time waits for no man!” Neither do we. We’re as closely connected consumers as ever delivering essential insights.

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