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Polish that pitch!

Polish that pitch!

When was the last time you held your marketing up for scrutiny?  Or tested products with both kids and parents?  With businesses in the UK reporting a 17% fall in research investment, then it’s possible that it’s been a while!

We usually test products with kids but we haven’t done it this year and it’s less important to test them with parents.

75% of kids are not yet searching up and selecting toys on the internet for themselves.  The first internet encounter for toys is with parents.  Unless we test brands and products with parents, how can anyone know which are the most compelling features to lead with in order to appeal to and meet mum or dad’s criteria rather than their child’s? 

Catalogue and e-commerce product page designs are due in a matter of weeks, from short and long copy to the choice of lead image, insets and call out bullet points.  Often digital product pages give us more opportunities to communicate compelling product features than packaging.   

Without user data or test research, many companies will not have a validated hierarchy of messages nor the means to optimise their C.R.O or the way their key messages appear within the algorithms of Amazon. 

We did some research a year ago.  Not much has changed. 
Oh yes it has!!  If your business hasn’t connected with parents and kids in the last 12 months, it won’t know for sure how new parents are adapting and will adapt in a post Mothercare, post Babies’R’Us world. The touch screens in store at Mothercare were a good retail practice and worth remembering for anyone planning to step in to the gap left.

Attitudes are changing beyond the predictable increase in digital behaviour.  Some of those changes might be surprising.  The backlash of new mums who dislike Amazon because they distrust goods from the Marketplace and find it difficult to tell and frustrating to find out that their purchase is from Marketplace at the point of checkout. 

It’s time to test products with parents and not just kids again, and look ahead to the next wave of technology influencing behaviour.

It’s time to re-engage with families to understand their purchase process in a new landscape so that you can jump ahead not follow at the back.

What better time than now to polish your pitch, not just to your customers but to consumers and shoppers too.  Testing, re-engaging, connecting with kids and parents is the best way to inspire them and to inspire your retail partners with a polished and gleaming pitch.