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Ruth Clement, Founder of Consumer Fluent

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Research is a means to an end, Consumer Fluency.

Research is not the end in itself. 

I practice it as I would a language, bring it to life in brand strategy, then watch those brands prosper and grow.

I’m an economist and a linguist.  I speak 3 languages other than English with near fluency, and have tuned in to be able to understand 2 more languages, both ones I have never officially learned or been taught. 

Learning a new language is a bit like tuning in to an analogue radio.

But it means so much more to me than that.

Whenever I set about learning a new language, culture, customs, context are just as relevant to me as the words.  I jump in, feet first, immerse myself, connect, engage and listen to people in order to get the inflexion, nuances and structure right, familiarise myself with colloquialisms, and embrace every opportunity to put into practice what I’ve just learned. 

The language of brands.

Connecting, engaging, empathising and being inspired by consumers is a similar process to learning a language. Add non verbal cues, actual behavioural analysis and psychology to the recipe and we deepen our understanding of Systems 1 and 2.

I’ve spent over 30 years in brand development, from day-to-day management to research and strategy, and I owe my successes to reliable reporting, well structured data architecture, synthesised with meaningful research and, together, distilled into actionable insight.  Not to mention fabulous creatives, planners, designers and sales teams.

Good insights boost the quality of and confidence we have in marketing decisions, they de-risk initiatives, encourage innovation, deliver great results.

Being “fluent” in all things “consumer”, from they way they live, shop, consume and the sales which flow from their behaviour, have shaped each and every factor which delivers the P&L of the brands which have been in my care and the brands I care about the most, those of my clients (including digital strategy, media campaigns, creative, range selections, price, promotions, account plans, pack designs, merchandising, category). 

In 2013 I created Consumer Fluent to help other marketers to learn the language of their brands

I am AQR & MRS trained professional researcher.  I use play therapy techniques with kids in focus groups, run co-creative workshops, and decode shopper behaviour with traditional and AI methods. I offer Tobii Eye Tracking, AI Facial Expression Coding, synchronous and asynchronous user testing – App UX and CRX – online and offline web analytics – and I script, code and analyse quantitative studies in over 20 countries. 

Research is a means to an end, not the end in itself.  I practice it as I would a language, bring it to life in strategy, then watch those brands prosper and grow.