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Insights inspire strategic action

Insight is a synthesis and distillation of multi-source, multi-dimensional hard and soft facts into the implications and measurable impact of business choices.  It’s a crucial step towards defining a winning strategy.  We call it Fluent Synthesis

As independent consultants, we’re entrusted to surface and assess truths, give a fresh perspective and facilitate strategy development with our clients.  That approach is a 6 step process to strategy development, Fluent Inspire 

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Fluent inspire 

INsight – Scale – Proposition – Initiatives – Returns – Enablers

Being Consumer Fluent is a strategic choice and a powerful lever that shapes not just your strength in market but also commercial and operational efficiency.

New insights bring fresh, external perspective and internal scrutiny to a current situation, your SWOT. They help identify the nature of constraints facing your business and, of course the opportunities to improve, from supply chain to marketing and distribution.

Insights are not the same as data or research findings.
They are distilled, actionable, synthesised from multiple sources, reflect current context and future potential of brands.


How high is up?  Does your ambition for your brand match both resources and the opportunity?  How scaleable is your brand or business and has your insight identified and understood the barriers and triggers?  Without radical change, will your brand lose scale, lose share and distribution? Or is there untapped potential to challenge the market, become a leader and deliver growth to the category as a whole?

There may be several routes to scale, some requiring fundamental organisational change.  We’ll help you to evaluate, define and map the scale you can realistically achieve in terms of SMART objectives (Specified, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound) and econometric modelling.


Your insights may reaffirm your brand’s proposition, its target consumer and its potential. Or they identify a misalignment of the brand to category, consumer or customer needs since all of these are in continuous fluid motion.

Is the brand ahead or behind the curve of consumer trends?  What USP and competitive advantage does it have to build on? Does brand DNA have broad enough appeal for a critical mass or do you need a portfolio of brands to achieve this?  Do your insights highlight a need to innovate or rationalise the range architecture instead?  Should you overhaul brand assets to communicate your proposition and convert more shoppers?

Time to re-evaluate options.  Start by grouping them in to what’s important, urgent, complex or easy to win… but always refer back to the original insights, keep consumers front and centre.


All businesses occasionally get diverted to tackle urgent issues.  The current pandemic has taught us that agility is key!
Events beyond our control have the potential to derail a well thought out strategy.   

Your 1st initiative is to secure continuous Consumer Fluency. Add it to your set of priorities  on your profitability growth matrix.  It’ll help you stay agile and responsive to dramatic change but keep your strategy in clear view at all times.

Your insights highlight the easy wins for valuable short term gains.  Easy wins are not merely tactical actions, they’re there to be banked and on the same trajectory towards a longer term strategic goal.  Every initiative should be assessed through the prism of a long term strategy and if your strategy is clearly defined, SMART, understood, that appraisal will be quick.  


What’s better? A poor strategy well executed or a good strategy poorly executed? It’s easier and quicker to improve on poor execution of initiatives, but a bad strategy can have lasting consequences which are not immediately evident.

As implementation unfolds, you’ll want to measure return on investment (ROI) versus your expectations. The purpose is not to question the strategy but to ensure that the good plans are delivered well and identify the best practices to foster.

To optimise ROI businesses need reliable, well curated data.  Data can do so much more than merely assess historical events.  It helps to predict future outcomes and measure ROI.  Good data management enables swift, accurate response.


With change comes the need to invest in the enablers which will deliver your strategy. People, training, facilities, systems.
Investments will tie up resources in the short term but with your priorities clear and evaluated, they’ll release returns over time.

The enablers which we assist clients with are all centred on bring consumer behaviour into the heart of business planning:

Research &  Data – accurate, timely, informative, distilled.

Insights – synthesised, actionable, inspiring, trusted.

Training – expert, empowering, enabling strategic planning.


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