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Top tier professionals, on-demand

Our consultants have extensive industry experience, versed in the commercial realities of driving growth for brands, increasing ROI and winning market share.  We give voice to the needs of consumers, but we speak your language too.

Knowledge = Power to Act
         Insights = Power to Win    

Impact and action are what make the difference between having “knowledge” in the form of research, facts and data, and having insight – a distillation of that knowledge into winning strategies, mindful of the implications and the planning required to instigate change.

Effective change can only happen when we understand the value it creates, when we define objectives and put in place measures for progress.

Independent consultants help to surface and assess the palatable and unpalatable truths, give a fresh perspective, a new approach to tackle challenges and make change happen.

Happy Clients make Happy Consultants

Head of UK Brand

Eucerin Skincare

I don’t think I’d expected to receive such a thorough assessment of the brand and output. It’s not what I am used to with agencies. Seeing the challenges from our point of view, our customers’ buying teams, even manufacturing and Head Office!


Ricky Zoom

We have new brand guidelines created by the agency, new content sequencing, every element of our entertainment property addressed, and all the creatives in the production team and category managers in consumer products now know what they’re doing. It’s transformative.


Ben 10, Toonix

We need someone who understands our business and that of our partners. As a toys and licensing ‘veteran’ herself, Ruth explores all the strategic avenues available to us. She appreciates the commercial issues we face, our relationships with retailers and licensees.

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