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Empowering your team … pass it on!

Consumer Fuent (CFL) consultants and associates have trained, mentored and coached indivual members and entire teams on how to operate with excellence in their fields, be it Sales, Marketing or Research.  Individuals who participate in CFL Training emerge equipped with immediately actionable skills and a progressive toolkit to develop further in their everyday professional development.


Functional Skills
Management Skills


Influencing Skills
Presenting with Impact
Fact Based Selling
ONO Account Planning
ONO Brand Planning
Marketing Step In
Marketing Step Up


Category Management
Data Synthesis
Actionable Insights
Market Segmentation
New Market Evaluation
UX / AI for Research
Running Workshops

Personalised, Empowering, Progressive

Do you remember a really good training course you attended?  How did it make you feel?  How long ago did you dedicate the time to YOU, or to your team?

Springboard Sessions

Our Springboard Sessions are compact, fun and intense, customised to your needs and structured within 3 hours sessions to kickstart the day and the ‘future you’. Sessions are live, online and interactive, providing the opportunity to learn and apply new skills.  

Maximum 10 attendees per Session

Professional Tailoring*

Every Springboard Session includes a one hour follow-through mentoring session for each individual attendee.  Together we’ll review progress and the application of the skills you’ve been trained in to your specific professional circumstances, adding extra tips or tools.

*Incl. in Springboard Session price

CPD Pathway

Sign up to multiple Springboard Sessions to layer up your skills and we’ll help you plan your progression based on your ultimate objectives.  Each session comes with its own mentoring follow-through which we’ll synthesise all the Springboard Sessions you have attended.

Save 10% on each additional session