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Useful Links for Insight Managers

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Useful Links for Insight Managers

Data Essentials

These sources are not toys, licensing or kids specific but they do provide the essentials in terms of population trends and global dynamics.

We have a continuous feed to the sites so that whenever the data changes, we see it immediately that the changes are published and we write about them under the Consumer Fluent Insights Section at the top of the News page. For example, we’ve recently been looking into reports that there might be a baby boom and done a little more digging to find out whether this is actually true or not.


We’re going to keep adding to this list so that you have a central hub of useful sources which don’t require a subscription. We’ll advise you on how best to use them, on request. We’d love to hear from you to add and curate any sources which you find useful too.

Simply get in touch via the contact form.