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Fluent brands grow faster

Consumer Fluent is an independent brand consultancy and research agency combined.

We uniquely combine extensive, top tier brand management experience with deep professional expertise in research, employing traditional and cutting edge research techniques to unearth the consumer insights which will unlock your brand’s growth

Who else knows that fluent brands grow faster?

Find out about the brands, companies and clients we have worked with and for who have discovered the ‘secret sauce’ of brand success in tough markets and even tougher times…

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Toys & Nursery

Ravensburger – Playmonster – Spinmaster – Fisher Price

Digital & Publishing

Spotify Kids – Toonix
Anthem Publishing

Food & Beverage

English Provender – Idahoan
Geary’s – Ajinomoto

Licensing & Entertainment

Entertainment One – Warner Media – Diseny Junior

Skin & Hair Care

Beiersdorf (Nivea, Eucerin)
Wella (P&G)

Licensed & Food On The Go

Costa Coffee – Greggs
Diageo – Freixenet

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what they say

I don’t think I’d expected to receive such a thorough assessment of the brand and output. It’s not what I am used to with agencies. Seeing the challenges from our point of view, our customers’ buying teams, even manufacturing and Head Office!

Head of UK Brand, EUCERIN

We’re using the insights which you gave us every single day. All the development of Ricky Zoom is based on those findings and the brand guide you created is used right across the business.


We’ll help you to become Consumer Fluent

One consultancy.
Compelling insights.
Inspire strategy.
Success in Action.

We conduct outstanding consumer-shopper research 

Analyse current and historic data to predict future demand
Develop strategies to meet your challenges, innovate and inspire
 And embed them into the fabric of your business at all levels

Insight and strategy to grow brands…

DNA of Brand Success

The ‘secret sauce’ of great brands? Brands that understand their consumer base, are clear sighted about their competitive advantage, know how & why they resonate, create affinity & satisfy segments….
Great brands direct all their skills, resources & ideas to that purpose.

We’ve been developing brand ‘secret sauce’ for 30 years.

Primed to Lead
Emotion > Logic



Risk is inherent in innovation, new market or category ventures. We can’t eliminate risk but we can measure, mitigate and reduce it.
Markets need innovation to thrive. Consumers expect it, retailers move with it.
We de-risk innovation by placing consumers at the heart of the process.  We co-create, test & learn, refine, evaluate, launch.

Primed to Land
Familiar > Unknown


Digital-Display Impact

We judge brand design on its efficacy to convert browsers into buyers on 1st encounter.
Visibility at POP, pack design, ecommerce assets, digital or physical shelf… do they grab your audience’s attention? Do they make purchase decisions effortless so shoppers make then on autopilot?

We simulate, track, test & learn how design drives purchase with System1.

Primed to Lift-Off
Fast > Slow


Engaging Close Encounters

A good experience with a brand, physical or digital, leaves consumers wanting more.
Once we’ve caught their attention, they’ve trialled your brand, the most effective way to build a brand is to retain a loyal base of consumers & influential advocates.

To ensure that your brand is delivering on its promise we tests user experience, UX/UI & track NPS.

Primed to Love
Intuition > Computed


Media Reach & Targeting

Brands seek to target, connect & prime distinct consumer segments.
But we can’t know what we don’t measure. We can’t influence who we don’t know.
So we define, scale and track all probable & possible segments a brand resonates with. How, why, where & when your brand meets their needs. Their SEG, life styles, attitudes, influences, touchpoints, plus any biases evident in prior purchase decisions made.

Me > Who?


Ruth Clement, Founder

Human Connection

I’m an economics and languages graduate, and have lived, loved and learned in 3 ‘foreign’ countries. Whenever I learn a new language I jump in, feet first, immerse myself, engage, respond and listen to people in order to get the inflexion and nuances, and embrace every opportunity to put into practice what I’ve just learned.

Brand Fluent

Having spent over 30* years in brand development, from day-to-day management of a portfolio and a P&L, to proposing and delivering high level strategy to C suite leaders, and the boards of large corporations, I owe my successes to my being fluent in consumer and customer wants and needs, and fluent in demand.

It’s all about bringing the consumer into the heart of business and, as a team, looking through the consumer’s lens.

* Global Insights Director, Costa Coffee
Head of Shopper Research, Bridgethorne
Head of Research & Market Intelligence, Mattel UK
Business Unit Leader, Fisher Price
Girls Group Marketing Manager, Mattel

Deep Engagement

Engaging, responding and being inspired by consumers is a similar process to learning a language. We deepen our understanding and therefore our ability to influence consumers based on verbal and non verbal cues, actual behavioural analysis, which help us to identify decision drivers based on Systems 1 & 2.

I practice Consumer Fluency as I would any language, bringing it to life in brand strategy

I’ve worked on global leading brands, business starts ups and market challengers, to manage brands, create and implement strategies, tracking trends and conducting research across 22 countries worldwide.

Whatever the scale of your ambition, good insights boost confidence, they de-risk ventures, encourage innovation & creativity.

Global and Family Perspectives

Our team at Consumer Fluent have over 50 years experience, combined, in family, youth and kids brands.  Our researchers specialise in child friendly techniques and track kid consumer and family shopper trends globally.  In addition to core brands, we work extensively with entertainment licensors and licensees both to develop IP and to create the consumer products which capture their spirit.

Multi-lingual global practitioners

Operating in 20 international markets including: UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, ZA,  China, Japan, UAE

Kids branding & research specialists

80% of our projects involve brands which revolve around the family, researching kids as young as 3 and engaging teens too

Harvesting fact-based, actionable insight 

Employing top tier practitioners, best-in field specialists and functional experts to deliver the full Consumer Fluent service

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