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Consumer Fluent
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We engage with and are inspired by consumers to bring out the best in brands, in their design, innovation, availability, affordability and value.

We combine extensive experience in marketing, sales and category management with deep rooted research expertise, unearthing the consumer insights and developing the strategies which will unlock your brand’s growth, empowering you with the skills, resources and tools to realise your objectives.

Who else knows that fluent brands grow faster?

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Good research yields actionable insights

4 principles of insight which form our thinking…

Gather perspectives – multiple sources, synthesised, distilled
Understand behaviour – both System 1 and System 2
Identify trends – past performance, future trajectories
Add context & significance – driving forces of market and category

Consumer Fluent research connects you with your consumer. We evaluate, segment and track your audience, their influences and touchpoints along the path to purchase. We test, learn and surface consumer responses to your current brand, new ideas and innovation. Every opportunity to succeed relies on a brand’s ability to grab and hold consumer attention, be it on a shelf, a screen or a page.

The data we source, generate and analyse for you extracts the key actionable insights, providng you with the confidence to know the scale of the opportunity, the risks, benefits and ROI on which to focus resources.

great insights inspire great brands 


Enhance consumer and shopper experiences, knowing how they interact with you digitally, at the physical shelf, on-the-go or in home.


Become consumer fluent so you can predict and pre-empt the ‘what comes next‘ in consumer and shopper trends to stay ahead of the rest.


Robust evidence and insights de-risk your investment decisions, in product development, license and sales negotiations and marketing

Our research connects brands to consumers and shoppers

Qualitative & Quantitative

Behavioural Observation
Eye Tracking
Facial Coding
System 1 Analysis
In Person Interviews
Quantitative Surveys
Co-Creative Sessions
Product Testing
Synchronous UX/CRX
Asynchronous UX/CRX
Click Path Analytics
Online Intercepts

Upstream – Downstream
Family Dynamics

Kids are key to purchase decision making for the family, whether it’s a family food shop, technology, a holiday or, of course, toys.

Increasingly their influence is greatest away from the shop floor and involves less locational memory.

Whether new toy lines last two seasons or ten, you’ll want your brands to have the power to influence and convert shoppers and kids fast, wherever the first encounter occurs.

Shopper Research

We discover what happens when shoppers first encounter your brand, track their path to purchase and factors which will determine their purchase decision, from the rational criteria they apply (System2) to the biases and heuristics which subconsciously prime them (System1).

We segment shoppers to dig deeper and study, the impact of branding, packaging, category placement, pricing, promotions and point of sale.

Child’s Play

We see the world through kids eyes and vary our approach according to the age and stage of development of the kids involved. The dynamics of peers and siblings enrich our findings as do opportunities for kids to problem solve and collaborate.

Parents downstream are guided by what their kids upstream play with, talk about, watch, see and desire. We focus on what makes brands memorable to kids so that they can request them and what helps parents to accurately recall and decide for a the brand when they encounter it at retail.

data to focus on what matters most

Continuous or Ad Hoc: dip in or out of our quantitative studies to track, test and learn whenever you need to.
Easy to Use Dashboards: so you can see position, direction, benchmarks and significance at a glance.
Clear Metrics: we simplify and synthesise multiple data types in to easy to interpret and apply KPI’s.
Multi media: Fans are vanity – sales are sanity. Track your conversion ratings to understand the real ROI.

The value of data is in how well it is curated and how easily it can be manipulated to yield the simplest yet most informative measures. A step further is to use it in predictive analytics to fully appreciate the consequences of inaction and action on sales, market share, the return on investment, supply chain management and customer satisfaction.


Past performance analysis helps to confidently predict the future. We create the tools for our clients to self-serve.

Sales reporting & analysis
Category & market analysis
Brand KPI trackers
Evaluate ROI & uplifts
Track online traffic & SEO
Dashboards, winners & bleeders


We add transparency in reporting so that the right conclusions are drawn and better forecasting ensues.

Winners & bleeders
Space & distribution
Inventory & supply
Promotional uplift & ROI
Category share of space
Competitor benchmarking


We monitor the shopper journey and our brand funnel through data to evaluate the most effective activation.

Acquisition funnels
Conversion & abandon rates
Loyalty & retention tracking
Basket analysis
Share of shelf
Marketing ROI

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The essence of strategy is in choosing what not to do”

Michael Port (5 Forces)

Our 3 principles of strategy:

Always base strategy on evidence and insight.
Make sure that it aligns with your defined purpose.
Underpin it with SMART objectives and the tools to enable. 

As independent experts, we’re entrusted to surface and assess truths, give a fresh perspective and facilitate strategy development with our clients.  That approach is a 7 step process to strategy development.  We call it…PROSPER 

PROSPER : for Marketing, Sales, Commercial Strategy.


7 Ps or 5 Cs
Proposition & USP

Identity, Personality, DNA
Brand, Licensing
Category Role & Placement
Creative, Media & Audience
Range Architecture
Diversification & Innovation
Segmentation & Lifecycle


Category Vision & Management
Strategic Account Partnerships
D2C & Retail Operations
Depth, Breadth of Distribution
Merchandising & Placement
Packaging Formats & DPP
Integrated Omni Channel 
Price / Margin Negotiation
New Distribution Channels


New Market Entry

Strategic Partnerships
Licensing – Franchise
ROCE – Cost Control
Brand Portolio Management
Product Diversification
Profitability Mix


the ultimate mission
situational insights
feasibility and returns
defined, aligned, focus
SMART objectives
resources, skills, tools
post evaluation, check & balances

A state of readiness …

means having strong processes in place and the right skills and mindset to enable your team to grow brands fluently.

Integral to the PROSPER strategy development process (and training) is ‘E’ for Enablers. Consumer Fluent’s service is comprehensive, delivering end-to-end enablement.


Empowering your team … pass it on!

Consumer Fuent (CFL) consultants and associates have trained, mentored and coached indivual members and entire teams on how to operate with excellence in their fields, be it Sales, Marketing or Research.

Individuals who participate in CFL Training emerge equipped with immediately actionable skills and a progressive toolkit to develop further in their everyday professional development.

Management Skills Training

Developing Strategy the PROSPER way
Presenting with impact
Persuasiveness skills
Fact based selling
Story telling with data
ONO Brand planning
Interpreting data

Functional Skills Training

Category management
Data synthesis
Actionable insights
Consumer segmentation
New market evaluation
UX / AI for research
Successful workshops

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Our Work

Most of our work stems from an ongoing partnership with clients, marketing professionals, sales and trading directors, creative agencies, who appreciate the superb quality of our work, the insights, ethos and expertise we bring, and the commercial practicality of the recommednations we make.

Here’s a sample…

Digital Engagement

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Design Concepts

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Category Leadership

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Digital Usage & UX

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Entertainment Content

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Product Innovation

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say

I don’t think I’d expected to receive such a thorough assessment of the brand and output. It’s not what I am used to with agencies. Seeing the challenges from our point of view, our customers’ buying teams, even manufacturing and Head Office!

Head of UK Brand, EUCERIN

We’re using the insights which you gave us every single day. All the development of Ricky Zoom is based on those findings and the brand guide you created is used right across the business.


Global and Family Perspectives

Our team at Consumer Fluent have over 50 years experience, combined, in family, youth and kids brands.  Our researchers specialise in child friendly techniques and track kid consumer and family shopper trends globally.  In addition to core brands, we work extensively with entertainment licensors and licensees both to develop IP and to create the consumer products which capture their spirit.

Multi-lingual global practitioners

Operating in 20 international markets including: UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, ZA,  China, Japan, UAE

Kids branding & research specialists

80% of our projects involve brands which revolve around the family, researching kids as young as 3 and engaging teens too

Harvesting fact-based, actionable insight 

Employing top tier practitioners, best-in field specialists and functional experts to deliver the full Consumer Fluent service

Ruth Clement, Founder
Human Connection

I’m an economics and languages graduate, and have lived, loved and learned in 3 ‘foreign’ countries.

Whenever I learn a new language I jump in, feet first, immerse myself, engage, respond and listen to people in order to get the inflexion and nuances, and embrace every opportunity to put into practice what I’ve just learned.

Brand Fluent

I owe my successes* to my being fluent in consumer and customer wants and needs, and fluent in demand.

It’s all about bringing the consumer into the heart of business and, as a team, looking through the consumer’s lens.

Over 30* years in brand development, delivering high level strategy to C suite leaders, and the boards of large corporations.

* Global Insights Director, Costa Coffee
Head of Shopper Research, Bridgethorne
Head of Research & Market Intelligence, Mattel UK
Business Unit Leader, Fisher Price
Girls Group Marketing Manager, Mattel

Deep engagement

Engaging, responding and being inspired by consumers is a similar process to learning a language. We deepen our understanding and therefore our ability to influence consumers based on verbal and non verbal cues, actual behavioural analysis, which help us to identify decision drivers based on Systems 1 & 2.
I practice Consumer Fluency as I would any language, bringing it to life in brand strategy.
I’ve worked on global leading brands, business starts ups and market challengers, to manage brands, create and implement strategies, tracking trends and conducting research across 22 countries worldwide.
Whatever the scale of your ambition, good insights boost confidence, they de-risk ventures, encourage innovation & creativity.

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