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Consumer Fluent connects brand builders with consumers.  We immerse, track and segment consumers to unearth the truth behind their behaviours, the influences, and touchpoints along the path the purchase, their triggers and barriers, how they approach categories and respond to new ideas. 

We test, learn and surface the factors which drive success and avoid failures for established brands, market challengers, new concepts and innovation.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research in 22 Countries


Tobii Eye Tracking
Human Eye Observation
Click and Convert Tracking
Face Reader Expression Coding
A/Synchronous Online Interaction

Simulated Store Concept Screeners


Quantitative Surveys
In Person Interviews
Remote User Interviews
Online Communities & Forums
Accompanied Shops & Intercepts
Ethnographic Research


Focus Groups
Co-creative Communities
Iterative Feedback Channels
User / UX Sprints
Agile Projects

Knowledge at your fingertips


Essential insights curated in a secure interactive portal, easy to navigate, ready to customise, collaborate on and share with colleagues.


Quantitative Trackers and Online Communities you can hop-on/hop-off whenever you need to.


Synthesised data sources flow and integrate with your strategy planning process, distilled to focus on the “so what” of insight.


The voice of consumers brought to life in glorious technicolour, sound and vision and infographics for easy communication.

Shopper Research

Discover what happens when shoppers encounter your brand for the first time, or after many times.  Track their path to purchase and learn about the factors which will determine their final purchase decision, surfacing System1 and System2

We segment shoppers to dig deeper and stury the impact of branding, packaging, category placement, pricing, promotions and point of sale.

Brand proposition, USP,  Packaging design
Price range architecture
Visibility and conversion

Family Influence

Kids are key to family purchase decisions, whether on a family food shop, browsing for new technology or entertainment, for a holiday and of course, for toys.
Increasingly their influence is greatest away from the shop floor and involves less reliance on locational memory.
Whether new toy lines last two seasons or ten, you’ll want your brands to have the power to convert shoppers and kids fast, wherever they encounter your brand.

Balancing needs
Advertising effectiveness Memorable-Communicable

Child’s Play

We see the world through kids eyes and vary our approach according to age and developmental stage, capitalising on the dynamics which their peers and siblings have to enrich our findings.

Parents downstream are guided by what their kids upstream are playing with, talk about, watch, see and desire.  We focus on what makes brands memorable to kids so that they can request them and what leads parents to add brand and product to the basket when they encounter them at retail.

Brand and IP propositions
Physical and digital play UX
Content and Ad testing  Play typology and segmentation
Brand KPI’s, trends and influences

Research Methods


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