Insights on Demand

We analyse current and historic demand to accurately predict the future and effectively manage the present.

The value of data lies in how well and continuously it is curated and distilled into meaningful insight.

Action you can take with confidence, fully aware of the risk of inaction and opportunities to be won. 
A rapid response that’s the best response to rapidly changing events.




Brand KPI’s
Web Analytics
Sales Reporting
Category Analysis
Action Dashboards


Acquisition Funnel
Conversion Rates
Loyalty & Retention
Marketing ROI
Basket Share


Winners & Bleeders
Space & Distribution
Inventory & Supply
Promotional ROI
Category Share

Focus on what matters

Digital Audits
Customer Journey

Fans are vanity, sales are sanity.*   
Without conversion there is no ROI but we can’t optimise what we don’t measure… so we create the analysis for you to track, test and learn.

*Lori Taylor

Insights inspire action

Analyticial Tools
Data Audits
Report Builds
Curation Dashboards

When data looks like a mountain to climb it’s tempting to ditch the stats and follow gut instincts. That’s OK … until things go wrong and nobody knows why. We create reporting tools to help you distil data into key insights that trigger SMART responses and wise decisions.

Finger on the pulse

Search Listening
Forecasting Models
Volume Metrics

We synthesise research – trends, experiences, eco-systems, habits, beliefs and behaviours – with your brand’s performance data. Our clients’ have more confidence than ever in how they’re investing to grow their brands.