… with Kidz Global

Objectives of project:

In 2018, Philippe asked Ruth to relaunch The Kid Consumer subscription tracker, to meet the needs of companies operating in the kids sector. The tracker was reconfigured to be:

  • more affordable to run and subscribe to;
  • better streamlined;
  • fielded more frequently;
  • reflecting more accurately kids lives based on climate and school routine variations across the Northern and Southern hemispheres;
  • with greater flexibility for insight managers to customise reports to suit their needs

What we did:

  • designed, scripted and created a new trends and lifestyle tracking study;
  • hosted on a new digital portal so that insight managers could access it anywhere in the world;
  • with options to customise their view at the click of a button and instantly compare kid consumers across countries and regions;
  • at its re-launch it spanned 13 markets, in 11 languages.

What was the outcome?

The Kid Consumer report now helps brand owners to better plan their media and marketing campaigns, knowing how kids behave, what influences them, when they are most responsive to content, why, where and which media platform or digital device.

WHO & WHAT: So many questions answered:

  • what kids watched,
  • what media channels they had access to,
  • which devices they borrowed or used,
  • what restrictions were imposed on their use,
  • how kids felt about the content they watched,
  • when they watched it,
  • how much attention they gave to advertising,
  • and which types of creative grabbed their attention,
  • which social media platforms and entertainment broadcasters they had access to,
  • which video games, influencers and Youtubers they followed,
  • what else they did in their spare time and the activity clubs they belonged to.

Thoughts on the project:

Ruth: When I established the Research, Intelligence and Insights function at Mattel, I was an early adopter of the Brand Trends reports, by Kidz Global. At the time, there was a plethora of separate studies available to any insight specialist, most tracking only a single country or region, most sporadic, with different sample requirements, different ways of asking key questions, none of which could therefore be synthesised into global, multiple country comparisons. I often discussed this with Kidz Global founder, Philippe. There was a need to develop a more general attitudes, media usage, lifestyles and behaviour tracker, with consistent survey and sampling so that reports could be synthesised across countries worldwide. I was delighted to be charged with creating the reports. As an end user of such data, I understood how important it was to make it easy to access, manipulate and apply to marketing decisions anywhere and at anytime.

Off-the shelf reports:

For Consumer Fluent’s ready-made, subscription based country trackers click here. These trackers cover brand funnels, CSAT and NPS metrics, super-fast testing options for creative designs, entertainment and advertising content, brand concepts, digital UX for apps, games and sites. They’re an effective, affordable option for short term projects, conducted across multiple markets, or just one!