HOP ON – HOP OFF… Communities

HOP ON – HOP OFF… Communities

We invite primed and un-primed consumers into our community platforms to join the conversation and to shape brand strategy, with active, synchronous and asynchronous moderation by our researchers and in multiple markets worldwide.

Our communities surface current thinking, individually and/or discussed within the community in order to reach consensus. Community members are proactive, motivated and deliberative, recruited to fulfil each client’s specific needs or, for quick access, selected from our existing community members.

Our community members get to see, test and respond to whatever stimulus we send their way, to take part in polls, to chat one to one with the moderator or share insights into their world, completing ethnographic tasks, photo and video diaries, and putting products through their paces.

They are extremely responsive to share insights into their shopper journeys; user testing prototypes; heat mapping assets; sorting, ranking and rearranging the communication given to them into the way they would choose it to be. Their shopper safaris are live at the moment in which they choose to shop rather than being simulated or relying on their recalled behaviour. To achieve this we use asynchronous testing so that we can view their online shopping behaviour in the moment. We can also do this with content viewing.

Communities are ideal for a quick deep dive with a trusted panel of motivated contributors into creative assets, copy, prototypes, product selling pages, live digital spaces, video diaries, viewing reactions… and many more insights which can be extracted from short interactive tasks on a qualitative scale.

We’ve recently trialled communities for snack food, confectionary, skincare.

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