Have all the questions, need quick answers? We have “off the shelf services” to readily and cost effectively give you the answers you are looking for.

Bespoke studies are ideal for taking on more complex, multi-faceted and multi-stage research projects but when your research objectives are fairly standard, why not take advantage of a cost effective, standardised approach designed and streamlined by our own highly experienced researchers at Consumer Fluent?


Concepts, Claims & Creative – ready to test and screen your ideas; give you engagement, dissonance and purchase intent scores; a price evaluation; concept approval, preference and ranking; heatmaps and sentiment analysis.

Deep Dive Diagnostics – ready to test your existing brand assets; to discover brand perceptions, evaluate your visibility, impact and resonance; to identify purchase barriers, unmet needs, or post purchase dissonance; price expectations and elasticity…

Performance Tracking – ready to track and benchmark your brand against competitors; to understand your brand’s category role; to monitor key brand funnel metrics; CSAT / NPS; brand imagery and ATL attribution, sentiment analysis and alignment to current needs.

You provide the stimulus materials, we do the rest… Starting price for each individual option listed above £6,000 based on English language script, subject to briefing call. Off the shelf services are available for 21 markets, including:

UK, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Brazil, Canada, China… and more