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Insights inspire action

Research evaluates, segments and tracks your audience, their influences and touchpoints along the path to purchase.
Every opportunity to succeed relies on a brand’s ability to grab and hold consumer attention.
Every first encounter is a brand’s zero moment of truth. 
we research to understand …
System 1 & System 2
Positive & distorting attention.
Acquisition drivers, Conversion, Retention
Influence of Empathy, Priming, Breadcrumbs, Selection, Locational Memory
Fundamentals of Wants, Needs, Motivation, Drivers, Influences, Nudges, Satisfaction

insights inspire ….


Enhance consumer and shopper experiences, knowing how they interact with you digitally, at the physical shelf, on-the-go or in home.


Become consumer fluent so you can predict and pre-empt the ‘what comes next‘ in consumer and shopper trends to stay ahead of the rest.


Robust evidence and insights de-risk your investment decisions, in product development, license and sales negotiations and marketing.

What our clients say


The insights which came back have been incredibly valuable to us. Had we not chosen and had the benefit of Ruth’s expertise, I am not sure that we would have realised or known the impact of kids developmental stages on digital design. I sought her out to work together in my next company.
SENIOR PRODUCT LEAD, Entertainment Corp

Ruth used a method I hadn’t even come across before in kids research and to extremely powerful effect.  I didn’t even know you could test content in that way. I don’t think anyone else is yet but experimenting & pioneering is typical of her. It opened my eyes to what’s possible as we develop new animation.
VP Marketing, Entertainment Corp

Research connect consumers 

Human Observation
Eye Tracking
Facial Coding
System 1 Analysis

In Person Interviews
Quantitative Surveys
Co-Creative Sessions
Product Testing

Synchronous UX/CRX
Asynchronous UX/CRX
Click Path Analytics
Online Intercepts

Family Fluent – Continuous Influence

We see the world through kids eyes and vary our approach according to the age and stage of development of the kids involved. The dynamics of peers and siblings enrich our findings as do opportunities for kids to problem solve and collaborate.

There’s a kaleidoscope of desires, experiences, heuristics and behaviours ready to harness and influence, if you know what to ask, when, why, who and how. Sometime we need to ask kids, other times we ask parents – the shoppers.
For purchases to be made, parents downstream need to know and appreciate what kids upstream watch, see and desire. We focus on what makes kids brands memorable to kids so that they can request them and what helps parents to accurately recall and approve of the brand when they see it at retail.

We call that CONFLUENCE.

Upstream – Downstream

Whether new product lines last two seasons or ten, you’ll want your brands to have the power to influence and convert shoppers and kid consumers fast, wherever the first encounter occurs.
Amongst the distractions of media at home or competitors on shelf, deliver the highest return on marketing, sales, design and manufacturing investment with confluence in mind.

Shopper Fluent

From your brand’s core proposition, its USP, packaging design, price range architecture and promotional programme…
To its placement on shelf, the physical planogram, the design of your online product pages, visual assets and copy…
To the key drivers of conversion, analysing your data for online (CRO) and in store EPOS

Full Spectrum Research

The methods we choose to use are entirely responsive to the challenges you face, from the budget you have to spend to the scale and speed with which you need answers.






Interviews Intercepts
UX Testing
Creative Groups
Concept Tests
Eye Tracking
Face Reader



Segmentation Market Sizing
Concept Screening
Customer Journeys
UX Testing
Price Modelling

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